Syrine Belakaria

Postdoctoral Fellow 

Stanford Data Science & Computer Science

Stanford University

IBM PhD Fellow 2021-2023

MIT Rising Stars in EECS 2021

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I am a Postdoctoral fellow in Computer Science at Stanford University and Stanford Data Science working with Professor Stefano Ermon and Professor Barbara Engelhardt. I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from Washington State University where I was advised by Professor Jana Doppa.  My general research interests are in the broad fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with applications to real-world problems in engineering and scientific domains. The current focus of my research is to develop efficient learning algorithms to solve novel sequential decision-making under uncertainty problems motivated by the real-world challenges faced by scientists and engineers. The goal is to select expensive experiments under resource budget for design optimization with applications to hardware design, design of analog circuits, discovery of new materials, and design of electric transportation power systems. 

Before joining WSU, I received my Master degree in Electrical engineering from University of Idaho where I was advised by Professor Sameh Sorour. My research focus was on intelligent transportation systems and autonomous mobility on-demand services. I received my engineering degree in Information Technology and Telecommunication from the Higher School of Communication of Tunis.